The newspaper and magazine articles which follow are my story.  I am a member of the generation that witnessed the fall of the Nixon presidency due, in large part, to the  noble journalistic efforts of Woodward and Bernstein.  These heroes and the dogged, unflinching questioning of Nixon by Dan Rather, consumed me with the passion to pursue writing, as a vehicle for political, social and spiritual change.

Winston Churchill said, “If you are young and conservative, you have no heart; and if you are old and liberal, you have no brain.”  If the attached chronicles of a shameless liberal give rise to a new thought or a good laugh, then I have won my war.


M A G A Z I N E S :

: MORE Magazine

[Jan 1, 2013] “I Am Not What I Do
[Jan 1, 2013] “A Poetic Tribute To That Famous Girdle
[Dec 9, 2009] “Learning To Love Again, Cougar Style
[Oct 21, 2009] “Feral Cats And Cougars
[Oct 2, 2009] “Sole Survivor
[Aug 17, 2009] “Woodstock Revisited
[Aug 17, 2009] “Do Ultimatums Work?
[July 30, 2009] “Backstage With Cher
[July 29, 2009] “The Day I Met Cher

: Good Life In South Jersey

[Fall 2007] “The Road Less Traveled
[Fall 2007] “Driven Woman

: SJ Magazine

[Dec 2005] “Christmas In An Empty Nest
[Sep 2004] “The Bums of Santa Barbara
[Aug 2004] “Bagging the Trophy
[Dec 2004] “Breakfast At Tiffany’s
[Nov 2003] “Two To Tango
[Sep 2003] “Dishing the Dirt
[May 2003] “Big Hair Due
[Apr 2003] “Letter of the Law
[Jan 2003] “Girlfriends For Life
[Dec 2002] “How to Get a Black Belt in Retail Shopping
[Aug 2002] “Color Me Rouge
[June 2002] “Home Away From Home


N E W S P A P E R S :

: Courier Post

[July 2016] "Commentary: Mothers and Daughters Savor the Moment"
[July 2016] "Immigrants are America's Backbone"
[Jan 2016] "POEM: Bernie's Looking for America and So Am I"
[May 2015] "Loss of Cat Unleashes Lifetime of Grief"
[Mar 2014] "7 Parenting Rules Worth Breaking"
[Nov 2012] “Mom Is Grateful for Kids’ Independence, Even When It‘s Hard
[Nov 2012] “How Do These South Jerseyans Remain Thankful All Year?
[July 2012] “Who You Callin’ Grandma
[Aug 2011] “In these shoes? I don’t think so...
[July 2011] “Digital Overload And The Art Of Unplugging
[Mar 2011] “Home Is Where The Dreams Are: Losing a house affects much more than just a family’s standard of living
[June 2010] “The Changing Art Of Relationships
[June2010] “Rage Against The Machine
[May 2010] “Can Pack Rats And Neatniks Ever Find Happiness?
[Feb 2010] “Turn On Your Love Light
[Dec 2009] “An Empty-Nest Christmas: The Mad Dash Leaves Mom Longing for Holidays Past
[Oct 2009] “What They Wore: Women Share Memories Through Clothes
[Oct 2009] “Author Finds The Common Thread
[Oct 2009] “A Girl’s Gotta Have It
[Sept 2009] “Sole Survivor: The Importance Of Being Well Heeled
[June 2009] “Spin Doctor: How One Physician Turned It Around
[May 2009] “Stop the Presses: A Surprising New Career
[Apr 2009] “Laid Off: A Casualty of the Economy
[Mar 2009] “San Miguel: Here We Come?
[Feb 2009] “Women Strike Back: What We Think Is Sexy
[Jan 2009] “Inspiration: She Lost Half Her Body Weight
[Dec 2008] “American Cars: Take A Wild Ride
[Nov 2008] “A Fish Tale: Giant Ray Takes Breath Away
[Oct 2008] “Dearest Madeline: A Soldier’s Letter On Election Eve Nov. 7, 1944, From Italy
[Sept 2008] “Health Care: Gorgeous In the Coffin
[July 2008] “Endless Torture: Attack of the Crazy Pants
[July 2008] “She’s Hot, He’s Bothered: Let’s Talk About ‘Sex’”
[June 2008] “Goodbye: The Love Was In The Meatballs
[May 2008] “All Dressed Up: Fashion Statement Or Just Fashionable
[Apr 2008] “Spa Me, Please: It’s Time To Relax
[Jan 2008] “Bari And Roz At Blush Bring Fashion Forward
[Jan 2008] “Technology: The Wonder And Blunder
[Dec 2007] “The Family Tea: Stories Define Us And Our Time Together
[Nov 2007] “Cheat And Deceit: How You Play The Game No Longer Matters”
[Nov 2007] “Faith Journey
[Sept 2007] “Hair All About It: Only My Stylist Knows For Sure
[Aug 2007] “A Loving Spoonful: My Mother Is My Best Friend
[July 2007] “Return To Sender: White Flight Boomerangs
[June 2007] “Heels And The Woman Who Love Them
[June 2007] “Dad’s Faith Still Alive
[Apr 2007] “’Mother’s Worst Nightmare’ Turns Into Dream Come True
[Feb 2007] “Grammys A Vote Against Policies?”
[Jan 2007] “An Imposter Amid Perfect Neighbors
[Mar 2001] “St. Patrick’s Day, And The Rise Of All Our Irish Families
[Jan 2001] “Moral Leadership
[Dec 2000] “Motherly ‘Advice’
[Nov 2000] “Nader Ignited A Political Spark For Even the Electorally Apathetic
[Date N/A] “Bring Back The Golden Rule

: Philadelphia Daily News

[Nov 09] “Letters: World Series Strikeout Record

: Prime Time Monthly

[Nov 2001] “Give Thanks, Mom’s Not Cooking
[Oct 2001] “September 11, 2001
[May 2001] “Clothes To My Heart
[Apr 2001] “Goodbye, Columbus
[Aug 2000] “Lifestyle Choices: Choosing Housing With Special Care
[Dec 1999] “Missing Her
[Date N/A] “The Air Conditioning Man Cometh
[Date N/A] “Chincoteague, Virginia: Where Wild Ponies Frolic On The Beaches
[Date N/A] “Clash Of The Investment Titans
[Date N/A] “Mommy Dearest

: Burlington County Times

[July 2000] “The Poisoned Wind of Bigotry Wafts Over Us All

: Daily News

[Date N/A] “Hey, Donald! How About A Ride In Your Limo?

: Various

[Nov 2000] “True Beauty
[Oct 1998] “Baseball Brings Back Memories
[Date N/A] “Cooking Up
[Date N/A] “Poor Bill Gates